Health & Fitness

I am a huge proponent of health and fitness. As they say in life, health equals wealth. I began my love of fitness initially through bodybuilding. As a skinny hard gainer growing up, I was inspired by watching movies with Arnold Schwartzeneger and Sylvester Stallone. I knew that I always wanted to build muscle, however, as a hard gainer, I knew that I had to learn the science of building muscle. I believe that having a science background in biochemistry came in handy. Back in the day, without the advent of YouTube, and social media, it was quite difficult to get fitness information. I purchased a book called “Hard Gainer”, which essentially outlined workout routines, and recommended diets. I also found a few “gurus” of natural bodybuilders and purchased their DVD’s and workout guides.

It was only when I took my nutrition, supplementation, goal setting, and a consistent workout regiment is when I began to notice significant changes and improvements to my physique. Through bulking and powerlifting style training, I quickly got stronger, and started to build muscle. I had gone through several phases of bulking (most times dirty bulking) and cutting. Supplementation usually consisted of protein shakes, creatine, and a pre-workout.

I had trained using the technique known as bro science, IIFYM, intermittent fasting, etc. However, today, I am more in-tuned with science and evidence based training, diet, and nutrition.

Throughout my fitness journey, I had hired several coaches, and feel proud to have worked together with some of the best in the natural bodybuilding and fitness industry.

In 2015, I competed in the Men’s Physique category at a local bodybuilding show, and felt proud to have gone through that journey and process.

Here is an article in Status Fitness Magazine about my fitness journey:

Today, I am focused more on maintaining a healthy body through eating quality and nutritious foods and supplements, maintaining my strength and physique and muscles, and cardio. I am also interested in the science behind longevity.